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Doubdle O7

Doubdle O7
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Doubdle O7

1 Dose 330ml
330 ml
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The Doubdle O7 is available in 2 colors:

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Doubdle O7

THE functional refreshment drink.

Plant extracts:

Acai delivers the necessary antioxidants
Elder blossom supports the immune system
Ginger stimulates blood circulation, increases balance
Ginseng decreases stress syndromes
Guarana improves your performance
Maca improves vitality and boost your libido
Malva supports digestion, stomach and respiratory tract


Calcium strengthens bones, joints and teeth
Magnesium good for metabolism and nervous system
Potassium optimizes muscle function, nervous system
and blood pressure
Zinc for fertility, sight, hair, nails, skin and immune


Vitamin B3
contribute to a normal energy metabolism
Vitamin B6 supports hormones and fertility
Vitamin B12 supports the mind, concentration and emotions
Vitamin C contribute to the natural resistance and reduces

Fruit juices:

includes apple, aronia, black carrot, black grapes,
cranberries and white grapes


low-calorie <20 kcal per 100 ml
0,3 BE per 100 ml
no alcohol

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